Indie Music Filter blog feature – Kyla La Grange ‘The Knife’ (New Arcades Remix)

Lovely blog feature from Indie Music Filter for our remix of ‘The Knife’ by Kyla La Grange. Great support! Thank you to Indie Music Filter and Lior Phillips for the awesome write up!

Check it out here:



Indie Shuffle blog feature- Kyla La Grange ‘The Knife’ (New Arcades Remix)

Awesome write up by Indie Shuffle for our remix of Kyla La Grange’s “The Knife”. Thank you to IndieShuffle and Philip Friedman for the great write up.

Amazing support!

“New Arcades dragged it through their 80s time machine and took it to a new level…”indieshuffle-logo-2

Have a read…



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